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Frequently Asked Questions

How should you prepare for an Ultrasound exam?

Pelvic and Bladder

  • Drink and finish 32 ounces of clear liquids one hour prior to exam. Do not urinate.
    No preparation is needed if you are having an ultrasound of your breast, extremity such as an arm or leg, or other body parts such as your thyroid. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. We may ask you to remove any clothing and jewelry in the area we’re examining. We may ask you to wear a gown during your procedure

Gallbladder, Liver, Pancreas, Abdominal

  • No food for six hours prior to the exam.

Carotid, Thyroid, Breast, Scrotal

  • No preparation necessary

How to prepare for X-Ray exam?

Most X-rays don’t require any special preparation beforehand. You may be asked to remove clothing and wear a medical gown, and you’ll be asked to remove jewelry, dental appliances, glasses and any metal objects that might interfere with the X-ray images.

Note:  If you’re a woman who might be pregnant, inform your technologist in advance. If an X-ray is needed, precautions can be taken to limit the amount of radiation exposure to the baby.

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